Fashion Spring Trends 2023: What to Wear by Oscar de la Renta

Fashion Spring Trends 2023: What to Wear by Oscar de la Renta


As we transition from winter to spring, the fashion world is already looking ahead to next year's spring collection. And, as always, luxury fashion is leading the charge with some truly breathtaking pieces that are sure to turn heads. From elegant dresses to bold accessories, here are some of the top luxury fashion trends to watch for in 2023. Oscar de la Renta Inspiration. 


Broken Flower Ring: True to the botanical-luxe roots of the brand, this ring is intricately crafted in the form of a broken flower. With crystal pearl detailing and pink accents, this piece will transform even the simplest of outfits.

Ivy Slide: The capsule includes this reimagined Ivy Sandal, covered in the beautifully rich textures and prints , including painterly prints, reimagined pastels, and magnolia blossoms.

Bow Shoulder Denim Mini Dress:

Denim debuts this season in a darling pleated detail mini dress. This pieces exudes youthful glamour with bow shoulders and a feminine full skirt.


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