10 Summer Skin Care Tips .

10 Summer Skin Care Tips .

Make-up and perspiration is a bad combination. You may look perfect stepping out, but as soon as the sun hits your face, you could find it shining in all the wrong places. Combat these unique summer issues with our top 10 tips for face care:

1.Summer Bumps & Breakout- Breakouts always happen at the most inopportune of moments. If you find a pimple, try to bring it to a head with warm compresses and tea bags. After you pop the pimple, boil some water, soak a tea bag, and gently press the tea bag on the area for as long as you can.
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 2. Skin Hydration - A desire for a tan may leave you with a bit of a burn. Rubbing plain yoghurt on your skin for 10 minutes will help restore your skin's natural barrier, especially if followed with Aloe Vera.
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 3. Oily skin care in summer - If you find yourself feeling extra oily with no blotting paper at hand, don’t stress. Rub a piece of ice on your face to deter the oil glands.
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4.Getting Blackheads in Summer? Blackheads are the bane of our existence. Get rid of these dark spots by cutting a lemon in half, sprinkling the insides with sugar, and then applying it directly to your face each night.
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 5.Red-Faced? - If you find yourself red-faced during the day, prepare a mixture of one-fourth teaspoon of salt and one cup of warm water. Soak a cotton ball or gauze pad in the solution, and then dab over the red spots.
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 6.Skin Toning - Toning may be part of your daily skincare regime, but sometimes you need a little extra. For a more natural remedy, mix equal parts apple cider vinegar and water, and spritz on your face for the same effect.
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7.Dry skin in summer - For a quick, fresh, and clean way to rehydrate your face, rub a watermelon rind all over your skin. The rind is great for your skin and immunity, and it lets you cool off from the summer heat.
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8.Summer Skin Hydration - Rub some honey, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, over your lips for instant hydration.
 9.Don’t forget your Sunscreen during the Summer - Wear sunscreen daily during the summer, and reapply it every two hours. The active ingredients in sunscreens break down with sun exposure, or can get rubbed or sweated off, so be sure to slather it on frequently.
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 10.Face wipes for cleansing - Minimize the damage caused by pollution by investing in facial wipes. Keeping them handy in your bag can give your face a quick refresh.


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