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5 Ways You're Damaging Your Skin in the Winter

Here's why that extra moisturizer on your face or forgetting to lotion up your legs could end up causing some serious damage to your skin in the long run.


It seems like winter is always associated with bundling up on everything, from extra layers of clothes to extra layers of skin care products. We got the real deal from Laura Benge at Exhale Spa: just because it's winter doesn't mean your skin care routine should make a complete 180. Here's why that extra moisturizer on your face or forgetting to lotion up your legs could end up causing some serious damage to your skin in the long run.


You don't exfoliate past your face
The perfect DIY remedy for winter-damaged skin? Dry brushing. The dry brushing drainage technique is a daily exfoliation routine that keeps your skin healthy and increases circulation so you feel more energized (think: perfect solution to those Monday morning blues!). Use a wooden handle brush with stiff bristles. Before you shower, gently make long, vigorous strokes throughout the body, focusing on problem areas like your feet, elbows, and knees. Follow with a shower and a body moisturizer.
When the temps go down we tend to load up on our favorite moisturizers to keep our skin hydrated, but that actually doesn't help. The best thing is to be consistent about how much we use all year round. While we may need to add a little extra in the winter, use a day and night moisturizer all the time so that your skin gets used to a routine. Once you switch it up, your skin doesn't have the proper PH balance and can be thrown off, causing breakouts. The only change Benge suggests is to use a slightly heavier moisturizer in the morning as opposed to slathering on too much (don't forget to still use one with SPF!), and use a face mask like Amore Pacific Vitalizing Mask once a week for extra hydration.
We're always told to look for moisturizers without oil because it can cause breakouts, but it actually depends on the type of oils you use. There's a difference between mineral oils and essential or natural oils. Stay away from mineral oils, but if you have dry skin using an oil-based product with ingredients like shea butter, lemon peel oil, and grapefruit oil are great to help your skin find a balance and stay hydrated. Depriving your skin of oils can over-dry it. Benge suggests trying an oil-based serum at night like Sircuit Agent, which helps combat breakouts and wrinkles.
We love to rock lipstick and gloss, but don't forget to use a lip balm to keep your pout hydrated and soft. Look for balms with shea butter as opposed to wax or oil because it treats chapped lips as opposed to just working as a barrier. Try the Body Shop Shea Lip Butter.
You forgot about those legs and feet
Don't forget that just because you aren't showing them off you still need to moisturize them! Come summer time, we don't want alligator skin and cracked heels. We love The Body Shop's Mango Body Butter.

Source: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/

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