Valentine´s Day History.

Valentine´s Day History.

Valentine's day is coming , happy couples promising love forever , friendship everywhere , nice details , lovely sharing moments .

But do you know how is this celebration started?

Let's review the history behind Valentine's Day.


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Valentine's Day, is a festival of Christian origin that is celebrated annually on February 14 as a commemoration of good works performed by Saint Valentine of Rome that are related to the universal concept of love and affectivity .

Saint Valentine was a priest who exercised in Rome in the third century. The Emperor Claudius II ruled, who decided to prohibit the celebration of marriages for young people, because in his opinion the single family was better soldiers, since they had fewer ties.

The main legend on which the festival is based: Saint Valentine married soldiers with his ladies in the cellars of the prisons of the Empire at the time that Christianity was prohibited by Claudius II, 2 the latter aware of the marriage vows he made the saint, had him captured and brought before him to excuse himself, apparently Claudio had no intention other than to reprimand him and expel him from the country but, under the influence of other high officials, he had Saint Valentine decapitated.



The days he had been waiting for prison for his execution saw that the daughter of the prison judge was blind, he prayed to God that the girl had the joy of seeing, during his transfer to the public square for his execution Valentine gave him a note to the young woman to read it, she without understanding the reason since she was blind she opened the paper and for the first time she managed to see and the first thing she saw was a phrase that said «Tu Valent ín »as a way of farewell. Some historians who support this story as the only and true story that Valentine fell in love with the young woman, for which his symbolism as a saint of love was greater,His execution was on 14 de Febrero del año 270.

The date of celebration of February 14 was established by Pope Gelasio to honor Saint Valentine between 496 and 498 after Christ. The mortal remains of Saint Valentine are currently preserved in the Basilica of the same name, which is located in the Italian city of Terni (Italy). Every February 14 is celebrated in the temple, an act of commitment by different couples who want to get married the following year.


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The custom of exchanging gifts and love letters on February 14 was born in Great Britain and in France during the Middle Ages, between the fall of the Roman Empire and the middle of the fifteenth century.

The Americans adopted the custom at the beginning of the 18th century. The advances of the printing press and the drop in the prices of the postal service encouraged the sending of greetings for Valentine's Day. By 1840, Esther A. Howland began selling the first massive Valentine postcards in the United States.


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Although it is the lovers who mainly celebrate this day, however, nowadays all those who share the friendship are also celebrated, be it teachers, relatives, co-workers and everyone who feels, regardless of age, the smell of love that, like a spring flower, should never lose its pleasant perfume. Happy day of lovers and friendship!

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